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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as Cosmetic Hair Tattoo or Scalp Tattoo, stands as the top alternative to hair transplant surgery.

As the sole non-surgical long-term solution for hair loss, SMP involves the precise insertion of microdots into the upper dermis layer, mimicking the appearance of a closely-shaven look. This innovative treatment effectively restores hairlines for those that are balding or enhances the look of more density in those that are thinning.

Suitable for all types and stages of hair loss, SMP caters to both men and women of diverse ages, colors, and skin types. The complete process typically spans 3-4 sessions, each lasting approximately 3-5 hours.

Benefits of SMP

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The SMP Process

Scalp Micropigmentation Before/After


We'll discuss in details on what you can expect throughout the entire procedure, answer any questions you may have, and work together to tailor a plan of action that is best suited for your specific hair loss situation.

Treatment (3 sessions)

A full scalp micropigmentation treatment typically takes 3-4 sessions depending on the extent of your hair loss. Each session takes 3 to 5 hours that are spaced 1 to 3 weeks apart. This is to ensure that your scalp has enough time to heal in between each session.


After each session, there will be aftercare instructions to be followed (dos & don'ts) to make sure that the treated area properly heals for the best-looking results. Failure to do so may result in less than optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When done by a properly trained practitioner it is totally safe. The pigment that we use are organic, carbon base, and the implantation does not go as deep as traditional tattoo.

This is a common problem with poorly trained or new practitioners.

If an artist goes too deep you run the risk of the pigments turning blue on you. We’ve been trained by the best, you’re in good hands at Elegant SMP.

Many have reported minimal to no pain at all but some are more sensitive than others. You may feel some discomfort, but it is far less painful than getting a traditional tattoo. On a scale from 1-10, the average client rates the pain to be around 2 to 4. Some have even reported that it felt like a scalp massage.

All tattoos fade over time depending on your lifestyle and aftercare, most scalp micropigmentation will lighten between 3 to 5 years and a short touch-up session will be required to revitalize the look to its original finish.

We are only implanting pigments into your scalp, no hair is moved or transplanted. The goal of this treatment is to give the appearance of hair follicles or a closely-shaved look, no additional hair will grow out from the treatment itself.

Grey (gray) hair is fine! With scalp micropigmentation, we’re matching the shade of your hair follicles, not your hair color.

So it doesn’t matter if your hair is red, blonde, or grey! Just make sure to keep your hair short and tight so you don’t give away the secret. 🤫

Standard pricing is typically $1,500 – $5,000 depending on the severity of your hair loss and the skill of the practitionerWe’ve been trained by industry leaders. Not all dot artists are the same, there’s a technique to everything and we use the best of the best.

We are licensed and will perform this procedure in an approved sanitary environment adhering to the strictest of standards. To get our pricing & comprehensive SMP brochure please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Why Choose Us?​

We want you to choose us because...

We specialize only in SMP. We pour our heart & soul into this work, using the latest equipment & the best technique in order to produce high-quality work for our clients.

Our clients come from all walks of life. We’ve worked with people from doctors to public figures.

We understand your situation and have your best interest in mind, ensuring that your treatment is undetectable.

Intensive training by two separate world-class SMP Artists, James Christopher & Benji from Toronto, Canada.

Undergone additional masterclass training by the #1 SMP Artist in the world, Marc Allen of Creative Scalps based out of the U.K.

Hair loss and baldness could be a sensitive topic and we know the positive impact this treatment could have on you. We want to help you to stop worrying, regain that lost confidence, and start living life.

The above statement is a typical tagline in the industry. Honestly though, some bald guys are already confident with their look, but realize that having a frame to their face can look greatHaving a hairline can bring balance and accentuate all the other features of your face.

If you’re bald and happy, great! More power to you, come back when you want a frame to your face

When you step out into the world after receiving the procedure from our clinic, your reputation (and ours) is on the line. So we take pride in our work and strive to give you the best quality results by:

  • Staying on top of industry practices 
  • Using the best SMP technique in the world
  • Striving for continual improvement & excellence

With something as long-lasting as SMP, you can’t afford to go cheap.

Natural Faded Hairline SMP

Full Treatment Process



The goal of this first treatment is to lay the groundwork of your SMP. We both work together to tailor a hairline that fits you and lightly implant the first layer of impressions.



We assess/adjust accordingly after the 1st session, this is when it starts coming together and we start building density.



This session is where we add the finishing touches to create texture and finalize the blend.

Warning: Confidence may ensue.

What our customers are saying

vamshi krishnavamshi krishna
23:17 28 Jan 23
I recently had a consultation with Tommy, and I was impressed with his professionalism. He spoke clearly and answered all of my questions about the procedure and Pre and Post-care instructions. I had a positive experience and I am looking forward to getting my SMP done with Tommy and I would highly recommend him to others.
Kendall VelardeKendall Velarde
14:38 16 Jan 23
Great guy and very professional!! Highly recommended!!
jason velasquezjason velasquez
18:08 02 Jan 23
Talking with Tommy was great! He was very professional, and informative with all the questions I had.
Michael MarinoMichael Marino
03:18 23 Dec 22
Tommy provided me with a image of how I would look with SMP his service was awesome, simple and quick id recommend Tommy’a website to anyone wanting to see what they look like with SMP
Amazing professional that really takes the time to answer questions or concerns and does great work!
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