Best Antishine Products for Scalp Micropigmentation

The Best Matte Product for Scalp Micropigmentation
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If you’ve had a scalp micropigmentation procedure done, but find that your shiny head is making it look less than realistic, you’ll need a mattifying product to help dull the shine. Think about it, people who are not bald but shave their hair down to that 5 o’clock shadow look don’t have that shininess to their scalp. What we’re trying to achieve with SMP is to make it look as natural as possible. Look, I’ve been rocking my SMP look for about 4 years and I’ve tried many products that have an anti-shine or a matte element to them and it mostly ended up with disappointing results. The following matte anti-shine solution(s) gives you the matte effect you need to preserve your SMP procedure and make it look natural in ANY lighting condition.

There will be affiliate links in the following post at no extra charge to you, this list will be updated as we try out and vet new products to bring out the best of your scalp micropigmentation treatment.

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Review on Zero Shine 2.0

Enter Zero Shine 2.0, the perfect product for those with SMP procedures who want to enhance their scalp micropigmentation with a more subtle matte finish that realistically looks like real hair on a real head instead of a shiny, unnatural ‘do. This incredible formula removes shine from any oily or slippery skin, allowing you to preserve your SMP procedure so it looks perfectly natural all the time! Plus, the waterproof formula means it will stay on even in the pool!

This product is everything it claims to be – I have virtually no shine on my head upon application and this effect lasts for hours! It has a subtle scent that doesn’t bother me at all. The only thing that keeps this from being the perfect solution is its slightly strange feeling on the skin after use but you get used to it. Despite that, I feel completely confident knowing there’s no sign of excess oil or a greasy look on my scalp.

If you love your Scalp Micropigmentation but want to take your style up a notch with a cleaning mattifying finish, Zero Shine 2.0 is just what you need! With this revolutionary product, you can get back to looking and feeling confident about your new style without having to worry about overexposed shines ruining your look.

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Fuse is an SMP extender that helps retain color and blend your existing hair follicles with your SMP procedure. This product contains Tiger Grass, which helps reduce scars resulting from surgery, accidents, or hair transplant procedures.

One of the biggest concerns for people with a shaved head is a shiny scalp that stands out from a distance. This is where Fuse comes in. It is fast-absorbing with a light texture that helps keep shine away throughout the day. The product’s anti-aging properties, thanks to Aloe & Vitamin E, help with skin blemishes and tighten skin, promoting an even more youthful look.

Customers have raved about the incredible results they’ve seen with Fuse. The deeper pigment color and shine elimination is a night and day difference, according to one happy customer. Others have praised the lotion’s effectiveness in maintaining the look of their SMP procedure, making it a go-to product in their daily routine.

Fuse Cosmetic Pigmentation Serum is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a more affordable option compared to Zero Shine 2.0. If you’ve had an SMP procedure done, it’s a no-brainer to invest in a product that will help you maintain your look for longer periods. So, do yourself a favor and try Fuse today. You won’t be disappointed!

In conclusion, if you have undergone a scalp micropigmentation procedure and find that your head is looking too shiny, there is no need to worry. With the right product, you can achieve a natural and realistic look. As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of finding a suitable product, I can confidently recommend the matte anti-shine solutions discussed in this article. These products have been tried and tested and have proven to deliver the desired results. So, don’t let the shine detract from your SMP procedure, use these solutions and enjoy a natural, seamless look in any lighting condition.

P.S. I’ll continue to update this list in the future through recommendations but as of now, these are our go-to.


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