Debunking the Myths about Scalp Micropigmentation

Debunking the Myths about Scalp Micropigmentation
Tommy T.
Tommy T.

Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner
Buffalo, NY

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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has become an increasingly popular solution for hair loss. While SMP has transformed countless lives, there are still many misconceptions surrounding this cosmetic treatment. At Elegant SMP, a premier scalp micropigmentation clinic located in Buffalo, NY, our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to helping individuals achieve natural-looking and undetectable results. In this article, we will separate fact from fiction and debunk the most common myths about SMP.

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Debunking the Myths about Scalp Micropigmentation

Myth 1: SMP is just tattooed dots on your scalp

One of the biggest misconceptions about SMP is that it is simply a form of “hair tattooing” or the application of black dots on the scalp. In reality, SMP is a highly specialized technique that involves the use of different shades of medical-grade pigments to replicate the look of natural hair follicles. At Elegant SMP, our technicians take the time to properly match the pigment color to your hair and skin tone. We also create a custom hairline that complements your facial features, providing a natural-looking result.

Myth 2: SMP is only for bald men

Contrary to popular belief, SMP is not only for men who are completely bald. In fact, many people opt for SMP to make the transition from thinning hair to a shaven head more subtle. Women can also benefit from SMP to hide the effects of hair thinning and achieve a natural-looking result. At Elegant SMP, we offer SMP solutions for both men and women.

Myth 3: SMP is painful

Some people believe that SMP is a painful procedure. Most clients report that the procedure is painless and comfortable. I honestly felt like it was scalp therapy and fell asleep a few times while I was getting my treatment. You can always pop a Tylenol before the treatment begins and we at Elegant SMP use a numbing spray if needed. Most have said that the pain level is about a 2-4 out of a scale of 10.

Myth 3: SMP looks fake or unnatural

Some people believe that SMP looks unnatural or fake. While it is true that not all SMP treatments are created equal, a well-trained SMP technician using the correct equipment can create a result that looks sensational. At Elegant SMP, our team of technicians has undergone rigorous training and have been trained by industry leaders using only the best equipment and techniques in order to deliver a result that is natural-looking and blends seamlessly with your natural hair.

Myth 4: SMP will not match your natural hair color

Another common misconception is that the color of the SMP will not match your natural hair color. Specifically clients with grey hair may be concerned with getting the treatment. At Elegant SMP, we take great care in selecting the pigment color that matches both your skin tone and natural hair color. We blend and layer the SMP to ensure that it matches the shade of your hair follicles so that it is undetectable.

Myth 5: SMP requires frequent touch-ups

One common myth about SMP is that it requires frequent touch-ups. While the treatment may fade over time, it should last for several years before a touch-up is needed. The longevity of SMP depends on factors such as sun exposure, skin type, and aftercare.

Myth 6: SMP is only for completely bald heads

Some people believe that SMP is only suitable for completely bald heads. However, SMP can be used to treat a range of hair loss conditions, from receding hairlines to thinning hair. SMP can also be used to add density to existing hair, creating the illusion of thicker hair.

Myth 7: SMP is expensive

While the cost of SMP varies depending on the quality of service you choose, it is important to consider the value of enhancing your appearance and boosting your self-confidence. At Elegant SMP, we offer a range of SMP solutions at reasonable prices. We believe that everyone should have access to a high-quality SMP treatment that enhances their appearance. We do caution you to not go for cheapest deal as this can be a recipe for a lot of headaches and heartaches.

Myth 8: SMP is high-maintenance

SMP is not a high-maintenance treatment. While you may need to shave your head every two to three days to maintain the best results, there are few other maintenance requirements. Our team at Elegant SMP will provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure that you maintain the longevity and quality of your SMP treatment effectively.

Myth 9: People will notice your SMP treatment

While it is natural to worry about people noticing your SMP treatment, the reality is that most people will not notice. Our technicians at Elegant SMP are dedicated to delivering a natural-looking result that blends seamlessly with your natural hair. People will notice that you look more confident and youthful, but they will not be able to tell that you have had an SMP treatment. I’ve had SMP for over 4 years working in many different corporate environments and my colleagues didn’t have a clue. The comment that I get the most from people is: “Hey Tommy, why don’t you grow out your hair?”.


In conclusion, separating fact from fiction is crucial in understanding the fundamentals of SMP. At Elegant SMP, we believe that providing accurate information and debunking common myths is essential to help our clients make informed decisions. SMP is an exceptional treatment for hair loss, and we take pride in delivering natural-looking and undetectable results. If you’re interested in learning more about SMP or exploring the possibilities of this revolutionary treatment, please contact us today. And when you’re planning your trip to Buffalo, NY to get your treatment, make sure to visit our recommended places to visit while you’re in our beautiful and unique city.

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vamshi krishnavamshi krishna
23:17 28 Jan 23
I recently had a consultation with Tommy, and I was impressed with his professionalism. He spoke clearly and answered all of my questions about the procedure and Pre and Post-care instructions. I had a positive experience and I am looking forward to getting my SMP done with Tommy and I would highly recommend him to others.
Kendall VelardeKendall Velarde
14:38 16 Jan 23
Great guy and very professional!! Highly recommended!!
jason velasquezjason velasquez
18:08 02 Jan 23
Talking with Tommy was great! He was very professional, and informative with all the questions I had.
Michael MarinoMichael Marino
03:18 23 Dec 22
Tommy provided me with a image of how I would look with SMP his service was awesome, simple and quick id recommend Tommy’a website to anyone wanting to see what they look like with SMP
Amazing professional that really takes the time to answer questions or concerns and does great work!
Matt T.
Matt T.
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Elegant SMP is the place to get your scalp micropigmentation if you are interested in quality technique. Not all SMP is the same and your practitioner's training really does matter. For me, understanding how my artist could achieve an authentic looking hairline was very important, and very few SMP artists have the training to achieve that. Tommy at Elegant SMP is a true professional who understands how to get a natural looking result that is difficult to replicate - which is a true testament to his training. My SMP results exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Elegant SMP to anyone who is interested in getting the highest quality work the first time, or repairing SMP work that missed the mark.
Jason V.
Jason V.
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I knew from the consultation with Tommy that he was a genuinely good guy. Their professionalism is top-notch and the work he does is amazing! I can't stop looking at my hairline and just how natural it looks. I'm 100 % satisfied with the results and highly recommend his services!
Eric B.
Eric B.
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I just finished my third session with Tommy over at elegant smp. He did a great job and was extremely professional. His attention to detail was amazing giving me the desired look I was going for. I would highly recommend his services for anyone looking to have this procedure done. Everything about the experience was pleasant and stress free.

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