The World is Not Ready To Hear About Men Getting a Hair Tattoo

Tommy T.
Tommy T.

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In today's society of snap judgments exacerbated by social media and online dating, conversations around personal appearance and aesthetic enhancements are often colored by old stereotypes and gender biases. This can particularly be seen in the context of hair loss solutions for men, more specifically, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) or what might casually be referred to as a "hair tattoo." Unlike typical conversational fare about beauty treatments deemed acceptable for women, scalp micropigmentation for men remains a topic fraught with prejudice and misunderstanding. Here, we delve into why the world, it seems, is not quite ready to openly discuss or accept men getting hair tattoos.

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Stealth Solution to Hair Loss

Scalp micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetic procedure where natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. For men who experience hair loss, this can offer a more youthful appearance and restore confidence. However, despite its benefits, many choose to keep this procedure a secret.

Reasons Men Might Opt for Secrecy:

  • Social stigma: Hair loss treatments for men are often ridiculed or considered less masculine.
  • Fear of judgment: Concern that peers or colleagues will view them differently.
  • Desire for a natural look: Wanting others to believe their attractive appearance is entirely natural without cosmetic enhancement.

Perception of Masculinity and Aesthetic Enhancement

Historically, society has placed a heavier burden on women to maintain certain standards of beauty, while simultaneously mocking or questioning men who engage in similar practices. Men are typically encouraged to accept aging or physical changes as an inevitable part of life, even if they have the means to improve or adjust their appearances. This societal double standard creates an environment where men may feel the need to hide their cosmetic procedures.

Key Points of Societal Attitudes:

  • Gender-specific expectations: Men are expected to be less concerned about their appearance.
  • Criticism of vanity: Men taking steps to look better can be labeled as vain or overly concerned with superficial appearances.
  • Pressure to conform: Men can experience pressure to adhere to traditional norms of masculinity.

The Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

Despite the societal challenges and stigmas associated with talking about it, scalp micropigmentation offers significant benefits for men struggling with hair loss.

  • Undetectability: When done correctly, SMP can look incredibly natural, giving the appearance of a full head of closely shaven hair.
  • Low maintenance: Unlike hair transplants or wigs, SMP requires minimal upkeep.
  • Longevity and cost-effectiveness: SMP can last for years before needing touch-ups, making it a cost-effective long-term solution.
  • Boost in confidence: Restoring the hairline can significantly improve self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Comparative Table: Hair Loss Treatments

Treatment Maintenance Required Initial Cost Longevity Natural Appearance
Scalp Micropigmentation Low Moderate 3-5 years High
Hair Transplant High High Potentially lifetime Variable
Wigs/Toupees High Moderate-High 1-2 years Moderate

Client Anecdotes and Social Perceptions

Many men who have undergone SMP have noted positive changes in how others perceive them, albeit under the false assumption that these changes are due to natural factors like improved health or a new workout regimen. The irony that these compliments are based on a misperception highlights the societal bias against male cosmetic enhancements.

Client Reactions to SMP Misconceptions:

  • Increased compliments: Clients often receive praise for looking healthier or more youthful.
  • Humor in misunderstanding: Many find it amusing that the improvements are credited to everything but SMP.
  • Reinforcement of decision to keep SMP secret: Positive feedback based on false assumptions can reinforce the decision to not disclose the procedure.

Selecting the Right SMP Practitioner

The success of scalp micropigmentation largely depends on the skill and experience of the practitioner. Opting for a practitioner based solely on cost or convenience can lead to unsatisfactory results, which not only look unnatural but could also require expensive correction procedures.

Criteria for Choosing a SMP Practitioner:

  • Experience and expertise: Look for practitioners with extensive demonstrable experience.
  • High-quality before/after photos: Look for a practitioner that has well lit photos that you can zoom in and look at the granular details of the treatment.
  • Real client reviews: Seek testimonials and before-and-after photos from real clients.
  • Consultation process: A reputable practitioner will offer a thorough consultation to discuss expectations and outcomes.


The decision to keep scalp micropigmentation a secret is influenced by complex societal norms and the persistent stigma surrounding male aesthetic enhancement. While this bias slowly changes, men continue to navigate the precarious balance between societal expectations and personal satisfaction in appearance. Ultimately, whether or not individuals choose to disclose their SMP treatments, the undeniable benefits—boosted confidence and a natural-looking solution to hair loss—remain. It's clear that while the world may not yet be ready to openly embrace men getting hair tattoos, the appeal and advantages of scalp micropigmentation continue to attract those looking for effective solutions to hair loss. Until societal perspectives shift, the privacy of SMP allows men to enjoy the benefits without entering the fray of public opinion.

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Hirschy Hoops
Hirschy Hoops
Tommy T you’ve changed my life. I put all my trust in you and you made me so comfortable with this process. The reason I selected you is you want to master this art and customized a process to meet my specific needs. When I look in the mirror and am confused that I have hair or a hair line now that says a lot. Honestly I see you as the go to SMP artist in the future. All of your studying on this will pay huge dividends and you are able to change people’s lives which is so powerful. Thank you for treating my head like your own. God bless you and if you ever need a reference or anything I’d be thrilled to do so. Thanks again Tommy
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byron culf
Sent me a mock pic of how my hair might look within a few hours. Great service! Shame I'm in the UK and didn't realise they are in the US
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Eric Boone
Today I had a consultation with Tommy at Elegant Smp. He was very professional and informative answering all my questions. He made me feel confident that I came to the right place. His knowledge and understanding of Smp put my mind at ease going forward. I would highly recommend reaching out to Tommy if you are considering this procedure.
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Krishna KV
I recently had a consultation with Tommy, and I was impressed with his professionalism. He spoke clearly and answered all of my questions about the procedure and Pre and Post-care instructions. I had a positive experience and I am looking forward to getting my SMP done with Tommy and I would highly recommend him to others.
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Kendall Velarde
Great guy and very professional!! Highly recommended!!
jason velasquez
jason velasquez
Talking with Tommy was great! He was very professional, and informative with all the questions I had.
Michael Marino
Michael Marino
Tommy provided me with a image of how I would look with SMP his service was awesome, simple and quick id recommend Tommy’a website to anyone wanting to see what they look like with SMP
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Akeem H
Amazing professional that really takes the time to answer questions or concerns and does great work!
Matt T.
Matt T.
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Elegant SMP is the place to get your scalp micropigmentation if you are interested in quality technique. Not all SMP is the same and your practitioner's training really does matter. For me, understanding how my artist could achieve an authentic looking hairline was very important, and very few SMP artists have the training to achieve that. Tommy at Elegant SMP is a true professional who understands how to get a natural looking result that is difficult to replicate - which is a true testament to his training. My SMP results exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Elegant SMP to anyone who is interested in getting the highest quality work the first time, or repairing SMP work that missed the mark.
Jason V.
Jason V.
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I knew from the consultation with Tommy that he was a genuinely good guy. Their professionalism is top-notch and the work he does is amazing! I can't stop looking at my hairline and just how natural it looks. I'm 100 % satisfied with the results and highly recommend his services!
Eric B.
Eric B.
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I just finished my third session with Tommy over at elegant smp. He did a great job and was extremely professional. His attention to detail was amazing giving me the desired look I was going for. I would highly recommend his services for anyone looking to have this procedure done. Everything about the experience was pleasant and stress free.

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