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Tommy T.

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As we go through life, we all encounter obstacles that challenge our self-esteem and confidence. For men who are balding or already bald, hair loss can be one of the most difficult challenges to face. But there is a solution that can help bald men regain their confidence and look their best: scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing tiny dots on the scalp to mimic the look of natural hair follicles. The result is a realistic, natural-looking shaved head that can restore your confidence and help you look your best.

There are many reasons why scalp micropigmentation is an excellent choice for bald men, from its ability to improve one’s appearance and work opportunities (even at work we’re judged by the way we look & feel) to the benefits it offers for face reading. In this blog post, we’ll explore these benefits in more detail, so you can make an informed decision about whether scalp micropigmentation is right for you.

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Improved Appearance

One of the most obvious benefits of scalp micropigmentation is that it can dramatically improve your appearance. For many men, hair loss can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness, and it can be challenging to feel confident in your appearance when you’re bald.

Scalp micropigmentation provides an excellent solution for men who want to look their best. By creating the illusion of natural hair follicles, it can give the impression of a fuller head of hair. It’s a great option for men who want to maintain the look of a closely-shaved head or buzz cut without drawing attention to their hair loss. You’ll be surprised how having a frame to your face makes you look so much younger.

Additionally, scalp micropigmentation can be customized to suit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you want a more natural look or prefer a more defined, edgy style, your technician can work with you to achieve the perfect look.

Work Opportunities

While it’s true that baldness is becoming more socially acceptable, it’s also true that some workplaces still prefer a more conventional, polished appearance. But more importantly, the way you feel about yourself is what your employer will judge you by. So if you look good, chances are you’ll feel good are you’ll appear more competent to your boss . If you’re looking for work in a highly competitive field or a company that emphasizes a professional appearance, scalp micropigmentation can be an excellent choice for your lackluster hairline.

By providing a clean, polished look, scalp micropigmentation can help you make a great first impression in job interviews and business meetings. It can also give you the confidence to pursue career opportunities that you may have otherwise felt self-conscious about. And because scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution, you won’t have to worry about the hassle and expense of daily hair loss treatments or hairpieces.

Face Reading

Face reading, also known as physiognomy, is the art of interpreting a person’s character or personality based on their facial features. Believe it or not, there are many cultures that take this serious. According to this ancient practice, different areas of the face are associated with specific traits and characteristics.

For example, the forehead is associated with intelligence and analytical thinking, while the nose is linked to ambition and energy. The hairline, meanwhile, is believed to be associated with creativity and imagination.

If you’re bald or balding, a receding hairline can make it challenging to achieve the look and features you want. However, scalp micropigmentation can help you create a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing face that is conducive to positive impressions. By defining your hairline and creating the illusion of a full head of hair, you can improve your chances of being viewed as creative, imaginative, and dynamic… on a subconscious level.

Other Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

Of course, the benefits of scalp micropigmentation go beyond just appearance and face reading. Other advantages of the procedure include:

Minimal Maintenance: Once you’ve had scalp micropigmentation, you won’t have to worry about daily maintenance or upkeep. Your new look will be low-maintenance and easy to maintain, allowing you to focus on other things (here are some clippers recommendation).

Cost-effective: Compared to other hair loss treatments, scalp micropigmentation is a cost-effective solution that can provide long-lasting results. Hair transplant surgeries and hairpieces can be incredibly expensive, and they often require ongoing maintenance and replacement. Scalp micropigmentation, on the other hand, provides a permanent solution that requires a short touch-up session every 3-5 years.

Safe and Non-Invasive: Scalp micropigmentation is a safe and non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require any surgical incisions or medication. The process involves the use of a specialized tattoo machine that deposits ink into the scalp, creating the appearance of hair follicles.

Suitable for all skin types: Scalp micropigmentation is a suitable option for men with all skin types, including those with fair skin, dark skin, and even those with scars on their scalp. The ink used in scalp micropigmentation is specially formulated to match the natural pigmentation of the scalp, ensuring that the results look natural and realistic.


In conclusion, scalp micropigmentation is an excellent solution for men who are balding or already bald. It provides a natural-looking solution that can improve one’s appearance, work opportunities, and even help with first impressions via subconscious face-reading. The procedure is safe, non-invasive, and suitable for all skin types, making it an excellent investment for men who want to regain their confidence and look sharp. So, if you’re considering scalp micropigmentation, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our skilled and experienced technician to learn more about the process and how it can benefit you.

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I recently had a consultation with Tommy, and I was impressed with his professionalism. He spoke clearly and answered all of my questions about the procedure and Pre and Post-care instructions. I had a positive experience and I am looking forward to getting my SMP done with Tommy and I would highly recommend him to others.
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Talking with Tommy was great! He was very professional, and informative with all the questions I had.
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Tommy provided me with a image of how I would look with SMP his service was awesome, simple and quick id recommend Tommy’a website to anyone wanting to see what they look like with SMP
Amazing professional that really takes the time to answer questions or concerns and does great work!
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Elegant SMP is the place to get your scalp micropigmentation if you are interested in quality technique. Not all SMP is the same and your practitioner's training really does matter. For me, understanding how my artist could achieve an authentic looking hairline was very important, and very few SMP artists have the training to achieve that. Tommy at Elegant SMP is a true professional who understands how to get a natural looking result that is difficult to replicate - which is a true testament to his training. My SMP results exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Elegant SMP to anyone who is interested in getting the highest quality work the first time, or repairing SMP work that missed the mark.
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Jason V.
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I knew from the consultation with Tommy that he was a genuinely good guy. Their professionalism is top-notch and the work he does is amazing! I can't stop looking at my hairline and just how natural it looks. I'm 100 % satisfied with the results and highly recommend his services!
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Eric B.
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I just finished my third session with Tommy over at elegant smp. He did a great job and was extremely professional. His attention to detail was amazing giving me the desired look I was going for. I would highly recommend his services for anyone looking to have this procedure done. Everything about the experience was pleasant and stress free.

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