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So you’re ready to take the plunge and open up your very own scalp micropigmentation clinic? Congrats! But before you can start tattooing those scalps, there’s some equipment that you’ll need to have in order for everything to run smoothly.


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Tattoo Bed

First and foremost, you’ll need a tattoo bed. My personal favorite is the Tatsoul 570 tattoo bed. It has adjustable height and backrest, plus it’s super comfortable for your clients. And the best part? It has a contoured body cushioning to support their spine in the straddle position.

The awesome part, especially if your clinic is on the smaller side, is being able to utilize it in different positions saving a ton of space. Some practitioner likes to stand, others like to sit while working… But remember it’s the client’s comfort that should be of the highest priority and this chair covers that no matter the position.

But wait, there’s more! The Tatsoul 570 also has a versatile headrest that can be adjusted for different tattoo positions, and it even comes with multi-layered cushioning for superior comfort and pressure reduction, more comfortable than their Tatsoul 370s.

Bottom line, the Tatsoul 570 tattoo bed is a must-have for your SMP clinic. Trust me, you and your clients won’t be disappointed. It may be a bit on the pricier end (especially when first starting out), but it’s completely worth it for the comfort and satisfaction of your clients. So go ahead and invest in the Tatsoul 570 tattoo bed, you won’t regret it. They don’t have an affiliate program, but I still push for this product because it’s durable, high-quality, a space-saver and one of the best investment you can make when starting out.

Tattoo Pen

Next up, you’ll need a tattoo gun. I recommend the Mast Lancer, a very affordable cartridge tattoo gun with different needle sizes so that you have options for different levels of detail in your work. I believe most training academy give you something similar to this, so it’s great to know that the equipment provided for you during training is durable, so you won’t have to worry about constant replacements or maintenance.

Plus, the Mast Lancer has a pen-like design that is adjustable and lightweight, making it easy for all styles of tattooing, but especially useful for scalp micropigmentation procedures. It lightly and evenly transfers ink into the skin, making it suitable for all types of skin. Remember, light touches…

Overall, the Mast Lancer is a go-to machine for scalp micropigmentation procedures and I highly recommend it for your SMP clinic. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Mast Lancer and start tattooing those scalps!

Ghost Pigment

Then, you’ll need some ink. I know there’s plenty on the SMP market to choose from but Ghost Pigment (and many world-class practitioners) is the go-to for scalp micropigmentation. It’s a natural, vegan-friendly pigment (please don’t attempt to eat it) that is gamma-sterilized and guaranteed to give consistent results with every batch. You’ll receive a dilution chart that will help you decide how light or dark you want to go, and if you want to make the bottle last longer you can by halving the math. Plus, it has excellent retention, specially designed for scalp micropigmentation procedures.

Each bottle has a two-year shelf life and will last for up to 50+ treatments, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Trust me (if you want to), Ghost Pigment is the way to go for a top-notch scalp micropigmentation work just check out #ghostpigment on Instagram. So go ahead and stock up on Ghost Pigment Ultra Black, it’s high-quality, true and tried.

Bonus: Neutralizer

The Neutralizer. Let’s say you’re working with a client with a previous blue hue left over from their SMP treatment and you want to fix it without having to do multiple sessions. That’s where The Neutralizer comes in. Just add a few drops into your pigment mix and it will counteract any blues that may appear on lighter skin tones. As a safety measure, it also minimizes any mistakes you may have made with your depth. Believe me (no pressure), The Neutralizer is a must-have for every SMP practitioner (especially newbie) to ensure top-notch results for each and every client.

Barrier Film

This medical grade film is used to cover any objects in your work area that you do not want to be contaminated during the scalp micropigmentation process. It’s a crucial tool for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your clinic, ensuring safety for both you as the practitioner and your client. Use it to cover your machines, ink cups and other tools before starting a procedure. It’s easily disposable and can be found at any medical supply store. So go ahead and stock up on barrier film, it’s a small price to pay for the safety of you and your clients.

Disinfectant Wipes

Last but certainly not least, we have disinfectant wipes. As a SMP practitioner, one of your top priorities should be maintaining a sanitary work environment. That’s where medical grade germicidal wipes come in, like Caviwipes. These bad boys are much stronger than a typical wet wipe and used in operating rooms all over the world.

Medical Grade Gloves

But let’s not forget about the star of this list: medical grade gloves. It’s important to protect both you and your client by wearing gloves during the scalp micropigmentation procedure. They act as a barrier between your hands and any contaminants, preventing bacteria or viruses from spreading. Plus, they come in handy for those little mistakes (we all make them) and can be easily disposed of afterwards. So go ahead, grab a box (or two) of medical grade gloves for your clinic and protect yourselves while getting those scalps tattooed.


Here’s another equipment that you’ll have tons of options for. I highly recommend that you try them all out to see which one works best for you, but for me it’s the FYT Needles. They’ve been around for more than 10 years and is specifically made for scalp micropigmentations procedures. Plus, their exceptional ink flow and precise needle configurations ensure top-notch results in every treatment. In my opinion, FYT needles are worth every penny.


Good lighting will help you see the details clearly while tattooing but there are so many to choose from. Honestly, this one could be anything that you could afford. You’ll see a majority of practitioners out there use some sort of ring light. If you’re on a budget I’d recommend getting something simple such as the Neewer Ring Light Kit, if you’re looking for a wall mount for them go with ASISMEE. If you have a bigger budget, I’d look into the Flex Light Pro because it’s sturdier, has flexible arms, and can easily mount your phone on there to record your sessions.

T-blade Trimmers

And lastly, trimming down the scalp is important prior to performing scalp micropigmentation because they help shave down the hair before each session to ensure that the ink will go into the skin and not on top of any hairs. I personally use Andis T Outliners because they have a very sharp blade that can get as close to the scalp as possible. Plus, they are affordable and easy to find in any beauty store or online. If you’re getting SMP to give you the illusion of a buzz-cut, make sure to trim it down every 2-4 days or else you’ll give away the secret!


It’s important for SMP practitioners to have all the necessary equipment and tools in order to ensure safety for both themselves and their clients. Do your research and invest in high quality equipment that will help you provide the best results for your clients. Remember, a small investment now can go a long way in building trust with your clients and ensuring safe practices in your work environment.

So there you have it! These are my go-to SMP equipment must-haves for top-notch scalp micropigmentation results. I hope this helps in getting started in the right direction for your SMP clinic.

Table of Contents

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